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    UPP628 [3.0]
           Suppoted Devices
    µZP20 and ZP20e







UPP628 [3.0]

USB PIC's, dsPIC's, AVR's, AT89xxx, 68HC908's, MSP430 and EEPROM's programmer

     New versión: UPP628V49GSetup.exe


  • New software version.

  • Added:
    PIC12F529T39A, PIC12F529T48A, PIC16F15313, PIC16LF15313, PIC16F15323, PIC16LF15323, PIC16F15324, PIC16LF15324
    PIC16F15325, PIC16LF15325, PIC16F15344, PIC16LF15344, PIC16F15345, PIC16LF15345
    PIC16F15354, PIC16LF15354, PIC16F15355, PIC16LF15355, PIC16F15356, PIC16LF15356
    PIC16F15375, PIC16LF15375, PIC16F15376, PIC16LF15376, PIC16F15385, PIC16LF15385
    PIC16F15386, PIC16LF15386, PIC16F1574, PIC16LF1574, PIC16F1575, PIC16LF1575
    PIC16F1578, PIC16LF1578, PIC16F1579, PIC16LF1579, PIC16F1764, PIC16LF1764
    PIC16F1765, PIC16LF1765, PIC16F1768, PIC16LF1768, PIC16F1769, PIC16LF1769
    PIC16F1773, PIC16LF1773, PIC16F1776, PIC16LF1776, PIC16F1777, PIC16LF1777
    PIC16F1778, PIC16LF1778, PIC16F1779, PIC16LF1779
    PIC16F18313, PIC16LF18313, PIC16F18323, PIC16LF18323, PIC16F18324, PIC16LF18324
    PIC16F18325, PIC16LF18325, PIC16F18326, PIC16LF18326, PIC16F18344, PIC16LF18344
    PIC16F18345, PIC16LF18345, PIC16F18346, PIC16LF18346, PIC16F570

    MSP430G2102, MSP430G2132, MSP430G2153, MSP430G2202, MSP430G2213, MSP430G2232
    MSP430G2253, MSP430G2302, MSP430G2313, MSP430G2332, MSP430G2353, MSP430G2402
    MSP430G2413, MSP430G2432, MSP430G2453, MSP430G2513, MSP430G2553

    34AA02, 34LC02


  • USB full speed port connection 1.1 and 2.0 compatible.

  • It uses a standard USB type A male - B male cable (the same as in usb printers).

  • USB port powered therefore it doesn't need an extern power supply.

  • Support for 5 and 3.3 volts of power supply voltage(VDD).

  • Support for 13, 12, 9 and 3.3 volts of programming voltage (VPP).

  • Windows 98/ 98SE/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ Vista/ Win7/ Win 8/ Windows 10 compatible.

  • HID class device therefore it doesn't need to install custom drivers. It uses the windows native drivers..

  • It uses the UPP628 software specific for this programmer, very intuitive and very easy to use, similar to ic-prog.

  • User's manual embeded in software: Menu 'Help' -> 'Devices Information'

  • It has a Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket of 40 pins that allows an easy mode of insertion and extraction for 8, 14,18, 20, 28 y 40 pin chips,
    to avoid the risk of broke the pins.This can happen if we use common sockets for programming.

  • 2x7 (IDC 14) Expansion socket and ICSP (5 pins) for programming devices not supported by the ZIF socket.

  • The Expansion socket and ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) connector allow programming the chips, without extract them from the PCB
    if we have implemented that facility.

  • It is classified as a development programmer, and It is ideal for students, hobbyst, beginners and professionals.

  • It supports the PIC10F/ 12F/ 16F/ 18F/ 18FxJx/ 18FxKx /24HJ /24F /dsPIC30F and dsPIC33FJ families.

  • It supports the AVR's 8 bit, AT90S, ATmega, and ATtiny families.

  • It supports AT89xxxx from Atmel 8051 core.

  • It supports the 68HC908 family from Freescale in monitor mode (MON08).

  • It supports the MSP430F family from texas Instruments via JTAG and Spy-Bi-Wire (if the device supports this mode).

  • It supports serial EEPROM's 24C/ 24x/ 25x/ 93x/ 95x and UNi/o families.

     List of supported devices:      
PIC 10F              
10F200 10F202 10F204 10F206 10F220 10F222 10F320 10F322 10LF320 10LF322
PIC 12F              
12F1501 12F1571 12F1572 12F1612 12F1822 12F1840 12F508 12F509 12F510 12F519
12F529T39A 12F529T48A 12F609 12F615 12F617 12F629 12F635 12F675 12F683 12F752
12HV609 12HV615 12HV752 12LF1501 12LF1552 12LF1571 12LF1572 12LF1612 12LF1822 12LF1840
PIC 16F              
16F1454 16F1455 16F1459 16F1503 16F1507 16F1508 16F1509 16F1512 16F1513 16F1516
16F1517 16F1518 16F1519 16F1526 16F1527 16F15313 16F15323 16F15324 16F15325 16F15344
16F15345 16F15354 16F15355 16F15356 16F15375 16F15376 16F15385 16F15386 16F1574 16F1575
16F1578 16F1579 16F1613 16F1614 16F1615 16F1618 16F1619 16F1703 16F1704 16F1705
16F1707 16F1708 16F1709 16F1713 16F1716 16F1717 16F1718 16F1719 16F1764 16F1765
16F1768 16F1769 16F1773 16F1776 16F1777 16F1778 16F1779 16F1782 16F1783 16F1784
16F1786 16F1787 16F1788 16F1789 16F1823 16F1824 16F1825 16F1826 16F1827 16F1828
16F1829 16F18313 16F18323 16F18324 16F18325 16F18326 16F18344 16F18345 16F18346 16F18424
16F18425 16F18426 16F18444 16F18445 16F18446 16F18455 16F18456 16F1847 16F18854 16F18855
16F18856 16F18857 16F18875 16F18876 16F18877 16F19155 16F19156 16F19175 16F19176 16F19185
16F19186 16F19195 16F19196 16F19197 16F1933 16F1934 16F1936 16F1937 16F1938 16F1939
16F1946 16F1947 16F505 16F506 16F526 16F527 16F54 16F57 16F570 16F59
16F610 16F616 16F627 16F627A 16F628 16F628A 16F630 16F631 16F636 16F639
16F648A 16F676 16F677 16F684 16F685 16F687 16F688 16F689 16F690 16F707
16F716 16F72 16F720 16F721 16F722 16F722A 16F723 16F723A 16F724 16F726
16F727 16F73 16F737 16F74 16F747 16F753 16F76 16F767 16F77 16F777
16F785 16F818 16F819 16F83 16F84 16F84A 16F87 16F870 16F871 16F872
16F873 16F873A 16F874 16F874A 16F876 16F876A 16F877 16F877A 16F88 16F882
16F883 16F884 16F886 16F887 16F913 16F914 16F916 16F917 16F946 16HV610
16HV616 16HV753 16HV785 16LF1454 16LF1455 16LF1459 16LF1503 16LF1507 16LF1508 16LF1509
16LF1512 16LF1513 16LF1516 16LF1517 16LF1518 16LF1519 16LF1526 16LF1527 16LF15313 16LF15323
16LF15324 16LF15325 16LF15344 16LF15345 16LF15354 16LF15355 16LF15356 16LF15375 16LF15376 16LF15385
16LF15386 16LF1574 16LF1575 16LF1578 16LF1579 16LF1613 16LF1614 16LF1615 16LF1618 16LF1619
16LF1703 16LF1704 16LF1705 16LF1707 16LF1708 16LF1709 16LF1713 16LF1716 16LF1717 16LF1718
16LF1719 16LF1764 16LF1765 16LF1768 16LF1769 16LF1773 16LF1776 16LF1777 16LF1778 16LF1779
16LF1782 16LF1783 16LF1784 16LF1786 16LF1787 16LF1788 16LF1789 16LF1823 16LF1824 16LF1825
16LF1826 16LF1827 16LF1828 16LF1829 16LF18313 16LF18323 16LF18324 16LF18325 16LF18326 16LF18344
16LF18345 16LF18346 16LF18424 16LF18425 16LF18426 16LF18444 16LF18445 16LF18446 16LF18455 16LF18456
16LF1847 16LF18854 16LF18855 16LF18856 16LF18857 16LF18875 16LF18876 16LF18877 16LF1902 16LF1903
16LF1904 16LF1906 16LF1907 16LF19155 16LF19156 16LF19175 16LF19176 16LF19185 16LF19186 16LF19195
16LF19196 16LF19197 16LF1933 16LF1934 16LF1936 16LF1937 16LF1938 16LF1939 16LF1946 16LF1947
16LF707 16LF720 16LF721 16LF722 16LF722A 16LF723 16LF723A 16LF724 16LF726 16LF727
PIC 18F              
18F1220 18F1230 18F1320 18F1330 18F1330-ICD 18F2220 18F2221 18F2320 18F2321 18F2331
18F2410 18F2420 18F242-2439 18F2423 18F2431 18F2450 18F2455 18F2458 18F248 18F2480
18F2510 18F2515 18F2520 18F252-2539 18F2523 18F2525 18F2550 18F2553 18F258 18F2580
18F2585 18F2610 18F2620 18F2680 18F2682 18F2685 18F4220 18F4221 18F4320 18F4321
18F4331 18F4410 18F4420 18F4423 18F442-4439 18F4431 18F4450 18F4455 18F4458 18F448
18F4480 18F4510 18F4515 18F4520 18F4523 18F452-4539 18F4525 18F4550 18F4553 18F458
18F4580 18F4585 18F4610 18F4620 18F4680 18F4682 18F4685 18F6310 18F6390 18F6393
18F6410 18F6490 18F6493 18F6520 18F6525 18F6527 18F6585 18F6620 18F6621 18F6622
18F6627 18F6628 18F6680 18F6720 18F6722 18F6723 18F8310 18F8390 18F8393 18F8410
18F8490 18F8493 18F8520 18F8525 18F8527 18F8585 18F8620 18F8621 18F8622 18F8627
18F8628 18F8680 18F8720 18F8722 18F8723          
PIC 18FxJx            
18F24J10 18F24J11 18F24J50 18F25J10 18F25J11 18F25J50 18F26J11 18F26J13 18F26J50 18F26J53
18F27J13 18F27J53 18F44J10 18F44J11 18F44J50 18F45J10 18F45J11 18F45J50 18F46J11 18F46J13
18F46J50 18F46J53 18F47J13 18F47J53 18F63J11 18F63J90 18F64J11 18F64J90 18F65J10 18F65J11
18F65J15 18F65J50 18F65J90 18F66J10 18F66J11 18F66J15 18F66J16 18F66J50 18F66J55 18F66J60
18F66J65 18F66J90 18F66J93 18F67J10 18F67J11 18F67J50 18F67J60 18F67J90 18F67J93 18F83J11
18F83J90 18F84J11 18F84J90 18F85J10 18F85J11 18F85J15 18F85J50 18F85J90 18F86J10 18F86J11
18F86J15 18F86J16 18F86J50 18F86J55 18F86J60 18F86J65 18F86J72 18F86J90 18F86J93 18F87J10
18F87J11 18F87J50 18F87J60 18F87J72 18F87J90 18F87J93 18F96J60 18F96J65 18F97J60 18LF24J10
18LF24J11 18LF24J50 18LF25J10 18LF25J11 18LF25J50 18LF26J11 18LF26J13 18LF26J50 18LF26J53 18LF27J13
18LF27J53 18LF44J10 18LF44J11 18LF44J50 18LF45J10 18LF45J11 18LF45J50 18LF46J11 18LF46J13 18LF46J50
18LF46J53 18LF47J13 18LF47J53              
PIC 18FxKx              
18F13K22 18F13K50 18F14K22 18F14K50 18F23K20 18F23K22 18F24K20 18F24K22 18F24K50 18F25K20
18F25K22 18F25K50 18F25K80 18F26K20 18F26K22 18F26K50 18F26K80 18F43K20 18F43K22 18F44K20
18F44K22 18F45K20 18F45K22 18F45K50 18F45K80 18F46K20 18F46K22 18F46K50 18F46K80 18F65K80
18F66K80 18LF13K22 18LF13K50 18LF14K22 18LF14K50 18LF23K22 18LF24K22 18LF24K50 18LF25K22 18LF25K50
18LF25K80 18LF26K22 18LF26K50 18LF26K80 18LF43K22 18LF44K22 18LF45K22 18LF45K50 18LF45K80 18LF46K22
18LF46K50 18LF46K80 18LF65K80 18LF66K80            
PIC 24F              
24F04KA200 24F04KA201 24F08KA101 24F08KA102 24F16KA101 24F16KA102 24F16KA301 24F16KA302 24F16KA304 24F32KA301
24F32KA302 24F32KA304 24FJ128DA106 24FJ128DA110 24FJ128DA206 24FJ128DA210 24FJ128GA006 24FJ128GA008 24FJ128GA010 24FJ128GA106
24FJ128GA108 24FJ128GA110 24FJ128GA306 24FJ128GA308 24FJ128GA310 24FJ128GB106 24FJ128GB108 24FJ128GB110 24FJ128GB206 24FJ128GB210
24FJ16GA002 24FJ16GA004 24FJ192GA106 24FJ192GA108 24FJ192GA110 24FJ192GB106 24FJ192GB108 24FJ192GB110 24FJ256DA106 24FJ256DA110
24FJ256DA206 24FJ256DA210 24FJ256GA106 24FJ256GA108 24FJ256GA110 24FJ256GB106 24FJ256GB108 24FJ256GB110 24FJ256GB206 24FJ256GB210
24FJ32GA002 24FJ32GA004 24FJ32GA102 24FJ32GA104 24FJ32GB002 24FJ32GB004 24FJ48GA002 24FJ48GA004 24FJ64GA002 24FJ64GA004
24FJ64GA006 24FJ64GA008 24FJ64GA010 24FJ64GA102 24FJ64GA104 24FJ64GA106 24FJ64GA108 24FJ64GA110 24FJ64GA306 24FJ64GA308
24FJ64GA310 24FJ64GB002 24FJ64GB004 24FJ64GB106 24FJ64GB108 24FJ64GB110 24FJ96GA006 24FJ96GA008 24FJ96GA010 24FV16KA301
24FV16KA302 24FV16KA304 24FV32KA301 24FV32KA302 24FV32KA304          
PIC 24H              
24HJ128GP202 24HJ128GP204 24HJ128GP206 24HJ128GP210 24HJ128GP306 24HJ128GP310 24HJ128GP502 24HJ128GP504 24HJ128GP506 24HJ128GP510
24HJ12GP201 24HJ12GP202 24HJ16GP304 24HJ256GP206 24HJ256GP210 24HJ256GP610 24HJ32GP202 24HJ32GP204 24HJ32GP302 24HJ32GP304
24HJ64GP202 24HJ64GP204 24HJ64GP206 24HJ64GP210 24HJ64GP502 24HJ64GP504 24HJ64GP506 24HJ64GP510    
dsPIC 30F              
30F1010 30F2010 30F2011 30F2012 30F2020 30F2023 30F3010 30F3011 30F3012 30F3013
30F3014 30F4011 30F4012 30F4013 30F5011 30F5013 30F5015 30F5016 30F6010 30F6010A
30F6011 30F6011A 30F6012 30F6012A 30F6013 30F6013A 30F6014 30F6014A 30F6015  
dsPIC 33F              
33FJ06GS101 33FJ06GS102 33FJ06GS202 33FJ128GP202 33FJ128GP204 33FJ128GP206 33FJ128GP306 33FJ128GP310 33FJ128GP706 33FJ128GP708
33FJ128GP710 33FJ128GP802 33FJ128GP804 33FJ128MC202 33FJ128MC204 33FJ128MC506 33FJ128MC510 33FJ128MC706 33FJ128MC708 33FJ128MC710
33FJ128MC802 33FJ128MC804 33FJ12GP201 33FJ12GP202 33FJ12MC201 33FJ12MC202 33FJ16GP304 33FJ16GS402 33FJ16GS404 33FJ16GS502
33FJ16GS504 33FJ16MC304 33FJ256GP506 33FJ256GP510 33FJ256GP710 33FJ256MC510 33FJ256MC710 33FJ32GP202 33FJ32GP204 33FJ32GP302
33FJ32GP304 33FJ32GS406 33FJ32GS606 33FJ32GS608 33FJ32GS610 33FJ32MC202 33FJ32MC204 33FJ32MC302 33FJ32MC304 33FJ64GP202
33FJ64GP204 33FJ64GP206 33FJ64GP306 33FJ64GP310 33FJ64GP706 33FJ64GP708 33FJ64GP710 33FJ64GP802 33FJ64GP804 33FJ64GS406
33FJ64GS606 33FJ64GS608 33FJ64GS610 33FJ64MC202 33FJ64MC204 33FJ64MC506 33FJ64MC508 33FJ64MC510 33FJ64MC706 33FJ64MC710
33FJ64MC802 33FJ64MC804                
AT89LP2052 AT89LP213 AT89LP214 AT89LP216 AT89LP3240 AT89LP4052 AT89LP428 AT89LP51 AT89LP51ED2 AT89LP51IC2
AT89LP51ID2 AT89LP51RB2 AT89LP51RC2 AT89LP51RD2 AT89LP52 AT89LP6440 AT89LP828 AT89LS51 AT89LS52 AT89LS53
AT89LS8252 AT89S2051 AT89S4051 AT89S51 AT89S52 AT89S53 AT89S8252 AT89S8253    
AVR 8bit              
AT90PWM81 AT90S1200 AT90S2313 AT90S2323 AT90S2333 AT90S2343 AT90S4414 AT90S4433 AT90S8515 AT90S8535
AT90USB1286 AT90USB1287 AT90USB162 AT90USB646 AT90USB647 AT90USB82 ATmega128 ATmega1280 ATmega1281 ATmega1284
ATmega1284P ATmega16 ATmega162 ATmega164A ATmega164PA ATmega165PA ATmega168 ATmega168PA ATmega169A ATmega169P
ATmega169PA ATmega16U2 ATmega16U4 ATmega2560 ATmega2561 ATmega32 ATmega324A ATmega324PA ATmega328 ATmega328P
ATmega3290A ATmega3290PA ATmega329A ATmega329PA ATmega32U2 ATmega32U4 ATmega48 ATmega48PA ATmega64 ATmega640
ATmega644A ATmega644PA ATmega6490A ATmega6490PA ATmega649A ATmega649PA ATmega8 ATmega8515 ATmega8535 ATmega88
ATmega88PA ATmega8U2 ATtiny11 ATtiny12 ATtiny13 ATtiny2313 ATtiny24 ATtiny25 ATtiny26 ATtiny4313
ATtiny44 ATtiny45 ATtiny48 ATtiny84 ATtiny85 ATtiny88        
HC908AB32 HC908AP16 HC908AP32 HC908AP64 HC908AP8 HC908AS60A HC908AZ60 HC908AZ60A HC908BD48 HC908EY16
HC908EY16A HC908EY8 HC908EY8A HC908GP32 HC908GR16 HC908GR4 HC908GR8 HC908GT16 HC908GT8 HC908GZ16
HC908GZ8 HC908JB16 HC908JB8 HC908JG16 HC908JK1E HC908JK3E HC908JK8 HC908JL3E HC908JL8 HC908KL8
HC908KX2 HC908KX8 HC908LJ12 HC908LJ24 HC908MR16 HC908MR32 HC908MR8 HC908QT1 HC908QT1A HC908QT2
HC908QT2A HC908QT4 HC908QT4A HC908QY1 HC908QY1A HC908QY2 HC908QY2A HC908QY4 HC908QY4A HC908SR12
HLC908JK1E HLC908JK3E HLC908JL3E HRC908JK1E HRC908JK3E HRC908JL3E        
MSP430F1101A MSP430F1111A MSP430F1121A MSP430F1122 MSP430F1132 MSP430F122 MSP430F1222 MSP430F123 MSP430F1232 MSP430F133
MSP430F135 MSP430F147 MSP430F1471 MSP430F148 MSP430F1481 MSP430F149 MSP430F1491 MSP430F155 MSP430F156 MSP430F157
MSP430F1610 MSP430F1611 MSP430F1612 MSP430F167 MSP430F168 MSP430F169 MSP430F2001 MSP430F2002 MSP430F2003 MSP430F2011
MSP430F2012 MSP430F2013 MSP430F2101 MSP430F2111 MSP430F2112 MSP430F2121 MSP430F2122 MSP430F2131 MSP430F2132 MSP430F2232
MSP430F2234 MSP430F2252 MSP430F2254 MSP430F2272 MSP430F2274 MSP430F233 MSP430F235 MSP430F2410 MSP430F247 MSP430F2471
MSP430F248 MSP430F2481 MSP430F249 MSP430F2491 MSP430G2001 MSP430G2011 MSP430G2101 MSP430G2102 MSP430G2111 MSP430G2112
MSP430G2132 MSP430G2152 MSP430G2153 MSP430G2201 MSP430G2202 MSP430G2211 MSP430G2212 MSP430G2213 MSP430G2232 MSP430G2252
MSP430G2253 MSP430G2302 MSP430G2312 MSP430G2313 MSP430G2332 MSP430G2352 MSP430G2353 MSP430G2402 MSP430G2412 MSP430G2413
MSP430G2432 MSP430G2452 MSP430G2453 MSP430G2513 MSP430G2553          
I2C 24C              
24C01 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C1024 24C128 24C16 24C256 24C32 24C512
I2C 24XX              
24AA00 24AA01 24AA014 24AA02 24AA024 24AA025 24AA04 24AA08 24AA1025 24AA1026
24AA128 24AA16 24AA256 24AA32A 24AA512 24AA52 24AA64 24AA64F 24AA65 24C00
24C65 24FC1025 24FC1026 24FC128 24FC256 24FC512 24FC64 24FC64F 24LC00 24LC014
24LC01B 24LC024 24LC025 24LC02B 24LC04B 24LC08B 24LC1025 24LC1026 24LC128 24LC16B
24LC256 24LC32A 24LC512 24LC64 24LC64F 24LC65 24LCS52 34AA02 34LC02  
SPI 25XX              
25AA010A 25AA020A 25AA040A 25AA080A 25AA080B 25AA1024 25AA128 25AA160A 25AA160B 25AA256
25AA320A 25AA512 25AA640 25LC010A 25LC020A 25LC040A 25LC080A 25LC080B 25LC1024 25LC128
25LC160A 25LC160B 25LC256 25LC320A 25LC512 25LC640 AT25010 AT25020 AT25040 AT25080
AT25128 AT25160 AT25256 AT25320 AT25640 W25X10 W25X20 W25X40 W25X80  
SPI 93XX              
93AA46 93AA46A 93AA46B 93AA46C 93AA56 93AA56A 93AA56B 93AA56C 93AA66 93AA66A
93AA66B 93AA66C 93AA76 93AA76A 93AA76B 93AA76C 93AA86 93AA86A 93AA86B 93AA86C
93C06 93C46 93C46A 93C46B 93C46C 93C56A 93C56B 93C56C 93C66A 93C66B
93C66C 93C76 93C76A 93C76B 93C76C 93C86 93C86A 93C86B 93C86C 93LC46
93LC46A 93LC46B 93LC46C 93LC56 93LC56A 93LC56B 93LC56C 93LC66 93LC66A 93LC66B
93LC66C 93LC76 93LC76A 93LC76B 93LC76C 93LC86 93LC86A 93LC86B 93LC86C 93S46
93S56 93S66                
SPI 95XX              
95010 95020 95040 95080 95128 95160 95256 95320 95512 95640
95M01 95P02 95P04 95P08            
UNI 11XX              
11AA010 11AA020 11AA040 11AA080 11AA160 11AA161 11LC010 11LC020 11LC040 11LC080
11LC160 11LC161                





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